About Us

What is 3lfraza ?

3lfraza is an Egyptian word means the selective.

3lfraza means “The selective”
Balady means “The local & traditional”
We are using words from our culture to be close to our customers habits

3lfraza History

We do not have an online market for traditional and local products although we are a country full of farmers and have it’s unique signature of special output.
3lfraza created a mobile application where it combines natural and human resources with the end user (Customers) directly.
We are not alone, we are creating 3lfraza and spreading it out with preparing & delivery professionals, beside online fresh hubs will creating their private stores, where customers can buy directly from.
Here we are approaching women to work from home with flexible working hours without sharing the rate with them.
We aim to estimate the value of our land resources and focus on the national output plus easing the sales process between the trader and direct customer.
Women can check our weekly training video how she can do it from home